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There would be no Super Trucker without Iwona Blecharczyk, the founder, who has been a professional driver for more than a decade. So who better than she, would be able to talk about the mission and goals of our brand? No one! That's why we are giving her the floor. See for yourself why you should join the proud Super Trucker community.


Iwona Blecharczykhere! I have been a professional truck driver for more than 10 years. I have traveled hundreds of thousands, or maybe already millions of kilometers on the roads of Europe and America, and my curiosity about the world still drives me ahead. Trucker is my whole life, so I contribute and fight to improve the image of the driver, as well as our entire transport family. I know, because I have experienced it myself, how much this work requires sacrifices, how many sacrifices and strength - often exceeding my own limits. At the same time, it is a beautiful and extremely necessary occupation. Not everyone could find themselves in it - it is definitely not a job for everyone.

Over the years, I've watched things change - in some areas for the better, in others for the worse. As my career path developed, the need matured in me to create my own trucker brand, which would reflect the character and specificity of this beautiful and difficult work, and products of the highest quality to make life on the road easier and more enjoyable. I never had any doubt that we deserve respect and even admiration. Who, if not us? How many times have we accomplished the "impossible"? How many times have we exceeded our own capabilities? Well, that's how!

SuperTrucker Iwona Blecharczyk
SuperTrucker Iwona Blecharczyk

The year 2021 became the time when I finally succeeded in bringing this plan to life! I am proud to introduce you to Super Trucker - a brand that was born out of a great passion and love for Trucking. The name definitely obliges, because Super Trucker sounds proud - it couldn't be otherwise.

A brand that pays tribute to the hard-working drivers who spend most of their lives on the road and drive the economy. We do something so important, difficult and demanding so we should never doubt that "driver" sounds worthy!

Thank you so much for buying from my store, and thus supporting the Super Trucker brand, whose main goal is to restore due respect to the driving profession. I care that we have the courage to manifest our pride, solidarity and fortitude. Really worth it. Every big change, starts with the first small steps. First, let's us show that we are an honorable, proud professional group. Then, it will start to be noticed by the rest of society.

By tagging @super_trucker_by_ib products on your social media, you are helping me reach more people and promoting the best, because true, image of a driver

We'll see you on the road! Enjoy your trip!

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